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Enjoying the creation of images I use different digital techniques to transform, sketch and manipulate my works.  Inspired by the Art of Alchemy, I try to produce works with a graphic as well as a spiritual content. 
Most of my professional career I have been working as an Art Director for film productions and have always been enchanted by creating visuals or decors. Forced by the coronavirus to develop myself in another way I started recently to produce the visuals you can find on this website. The manipulation and transformation of images is something  I find interesting and equally creative and permits me also to express my vision on the world around us.
I hope you will enjoy what you see, and would be pleased to hear your reaction. You can ontact me by the 'contact info' page on this website. I thank you for your kind attention. 

Joris Sluizer,
April 2022


Joris Sluizer edited
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